The purpose of this document is to insure that you get the best possible service. Each person (the dietitian and the client) has responsibilities and these terms & conditions are used to preserve the relationship and respect between these two persons.

The Dietitian’s responsibilities

All information collected (in person, through video conferencing, by telephone, or via e-mail) is considered strictly confidential, following the rules of the OPDQ (ordre professionnel des diététistes). No information will be shared with a third party without your written agreement.

If an appointment needs to be cancelled, the dietitian will contact you at least 48 hours in advance via e-mail or phone. Exceptions may apply in urgent situations.

If a conflict of interest arises with a client, the dietitian has the right to refuse to continue to offer the service but must refer the client to another professional dietitian.

The Client’s REsponsibilities

You are required to communicate, via telephone or e-mail, any changes you would like to make to your appointment (cancellation, modification or absence).

The following cancellation policy applies:

  • Cancellation more than 24 hours in advance: no charges will be made.
  • Cancellation less than 24 hours in advance (not including weekends and holidays): A fee corresponding to 50% of the price of the appointment will be charged.
  • Missed appointment: A fee corresponding to 100% of the price of the appointment will be charged.

*The fees are payable before your next appointment*

You are asked to arrive on time to your appointment. If you do not arrive on time, your appointment may be shortened, rebooked or cancelled. Please communicate any delays by phone (819 588-1546).


An official receipt will be issued after each appointment or after each payment. The amounts will in no case be calculated or divided in order to facilitate insurance reimbursements.

If you lose a receipt, you can ask for a duplicate. However, a $5 administration fee will be charged.

Cora Loomis, nutritionniste – Sherbrooke, QC – 819.588.1546