The « Good Enough » Diet

Eating well can be done in so many different ways, and the « good enough » diet is one of the ways that inspires me! (By the way, when I use the word diet here, I mean it in it’s most basic definition : the kinds of food that a person eats and not in the restrictive weight-loss sense of the word.)  The « good enough » diet is essentially taking a big step back when looking at food choices and eating habits and considering what goes on within the week or the month, rather than aiming for perfect balance (which is never attainable anyway) within a single meal or day.

It underlines that it’s normal to have days that are a little less balanced, and other days where you eat lots of delicious, home-made, nutritious food. And the simple acceptation of this takes a lot of pressure off! Knowing that your diet is good enough, globally, means there’s no guilt when you eat chips with your salad … but rather a calm kind of celebration that your diet is so wonderfully flexible.

So, next time you’re tempted to beat yourself up because you had a peanut butter sandwich for supper, take a moment to look at the bigger picture and ask yourself « Is my diet good enough? » all round? Chances are, the answer will be yes.

Cora Loomis, nutritionniste – Sherbrooke, QC – 819.588.1546




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