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What does «anti-diet» really mean?

You may have already heard about the anti-diet approach, as it is a term that is becoming more and more popular. But what exactly is it? This article aims to answer a few questions about this approach in hopes to help you better understand what  »anti-diet » really means.

Anti-régime 101

Vous avez peut-être déjà entendu parler de l’approche anti-régime. Mais qu’est-ce que c’est au juste? Cet article vise répondre à quelques questions au sujet de cette approche qui est de plus en plus populaire.

développer une image corporelle positive - developing a positive body image

Cultivating a positive body image

Body image is something that everyone has. And I feel like we’re talking more and more about it with the Body Positive and Fat Acceptance movements. But I’m also not sure that everyone really understands what it is, especially when we are talking about positive body image. So, let’s dive in to the topic with a few definitions and then some tips for cultivating a positive body image.