Vegan Black Bean Burger

Lately I’ve been trying out a lot of new recipes and some of them are great and some of them aren’t. But this one was great!

I love burgers but I hate how most veggie burgers don’t stick together while cooking – I find it so frustrating!! So… I was really happy when I discovered this recipe as it’s result is both delicious and burger-shaped.

It’s only down side was that it stayed a little soft, but I have a feeling it was because I skipped the chilling steps as I hadn’t left enough time for prep.

At any rate, I was overall delighted and will definitely be making them again. Let me know if you try them!

Cora Loomis, nutritionniste

Originaire de la région et parfaitement bilingue, je suis une jeune et dynamique diététiste-nutritionniste œuvrant à Sherbrooke et ses environs. Avec une approche simple et accessible, j’offre plusieurs services et adore coopérer avec les médias pour pouvoir remplir mon but professionnel: contribuer au bien-être des personnes que j’ai la chance d’informer, conseiller ou accompagner.

Originally from the region and perfectly bilingual, I am a young and dynamic Registered Dietitian (RD) working in the city of Sherbrooke and surrounding areas. Through a simple and accessible approach, I offer a number of services and love to cooperate with the media in order to fulfill my professional goal: contribute to the well-being of each person that I am lucky enough to inform, advise or support.

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